Story Setting

The series has a Virginia focus, and much of the action can be filmed in history-mad Virginia, in Alexandria and Williamsburg. For the Convention, it is possible to rent out the premises at Independence Hall, as was done in the John Adams miniseries. Similar rooms are available in Alexandria, VA, a perfectly preserved ca. 1790 city three miles from Reagan National Airport.

The city welcomes film crews, and its streets have the same look as those of 1787 Philadelphia. Gadsby’s Tavern (which Washington frequented) will serve for the tavern scenes.

Northern Virginia and the Richmond area are home to thousands of eighteenth century re-enactors, both military and civilian. They are ordinarily thrilled to participate in a film, in costumes they provide.

The State of Virginia Film Office offers a credit equal to 15 percent of the film’s Virginia-based goods and services and 25 percent for the cost of Virginia payroll.


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Story Setting